Saturday, September 06, 2008

Look for my album on Itunes, coming soon!

There are many things that are awesome about Carly's new roommates; their bangin' marinara sauce, their adorable little dogs, but the best thing, hands down, is that they have a huge tv and the game Rock Band. If you have never played Rock Band, you are missing out. Take guitar hero and add drums and vocals and then you have Rock Band. And AWESOMENESS.

A few weekends ago, Carly, Doug, Erika, and I got the band together and rocked out. And had a bit of a photo session with Carly's roommate Mark as our photographer. Check out the results below, and look for our album to drop soon. On your head.

And here's a bonus Maggie-posing-with-motorcycle-helmet-picture! This one is for the CD liner notes.

I think it's clear we have a big future in music ahead of us.

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