Wednesday, June 25, 2008

With a little help from my friends.

As things get crazy around here, I bring to you my first ever post from a guest blogger. So sit back, and enjoy a post from my friend, Tito!

So today I was looking at my Google talk and like every other day I checked out everyone's status. Margaret had posted a link to her blog on her status so I followed. This led me to pictures of the awesome rainbow on Wednesday. If you didn't see it live, make sure you check out the pics below, it was awesome, not only was the rainbow mad bright but there was a double rainbow!!! Maggie was even able to get where the rainbow ended! First time I've ever seen that!

To this end, I decided to give Maggie a hard time about not posting about either one of her trips to Wolf trap last week (one trip to see some show I don't remember, and the other to see RAIN: The Beatles Experience). She then decided that hey, Tito's complaining, I should totally make him write my blog entry and here I am, my name is Tito and I will be your guest blogger for today :-D

Now, let's start with Maggie's first trip to wolf trap. She went to a show with Carlymo. The End.

Moving on to Maggie's second trip to Wolf Trap. It was AWESOME. It was especially awesome because Tito, Ros, Tito and Ros' Mom, Julie, Jon, Kel, and Carlymo were there! Carlymo and Maggie were awesome and got there early to reserve a nice space on the lawn and we all had a great time. Rain as always put on a GREAT show and we all danced (including Maggie in her blue poncho which made her look like she had only hands and no arms, it was grrreat), sang along, and had a great time overall. We all brought food to share and Maggie hooked us up with cupcakes (High Five!!), and Carly of course provided the liquor (lick-her, giggity), I forget what it was called exactly, but it was from the Czech Republic and was rather interesting, it was strong at first, seemed to calm down a lot, and then came back up to level out nicely, for you engineers out there, Strong-->Weak-->Smooth.

Oh, I can't forget to mention Maggie's traumatic growing experience with a douche bag Aussie at the wolf trap gate. Apparently Mr. Douche decided he'd mash his GIGANTIC (like King Kong size) folding chairs into Maggie causing her to almost fall backwards and suffer great injury. When she wimperingly asked Mr. Douche to be more careful he told her to "Step back Bitch!" Maggie decided to be the better man, eh, woman and bite her tongue instead of backhanding Mr. Douche so hard he ended up in China. (disclaimer – Tito may have taken soooome liberty in telling this story….)

All in all, the concert was great and I found it a very nice touch when the group played "Birthday", considering that the very next day was my mother's birthday :-D She had a great time and helped all of us to relax and enjoy the night. I'd recommend them to anyone that is a Beatles fan.

Ok, fans I'm ending this here, considering that Germany and Turkey are tied 2-2 in the 2nd half and I need to get my work done so I can get outta here and see Kel :-) It has been my pleasure to write to you and I hope I you enjoyed my stories.



Maggie here again. Thanks for the great post, Tito! Unfortunately, due to the sputtering rain before the show started and Wolftrap's no photograph's policy enforced by Stalin-like park service officers, I only got one pic of the night. But it's a cute one of Tito's sister Ros and their Mom.


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Tito said...

Margaret, how's your mom???!!! I hope she's doing well after her surgery today.

By the way, I forgot to add Kel to the list of people who were at the concert, pleeeeeeease fix that for me. Tito :-)