Monday, June 09, 2008

Color Splash!

UPDATE: Purple it is in a landslide, 7 to nothing. Thanks, everyone!

Ok, time to get some fashion advice from my friends. I have picked out the dress I want to get for when I go on my fabulous Mediterranean cruise with Chris and Kent in September (!!!), but I need help on picking out which color. Here are the options:


Or green

I really like them both. Purple is my favorite color, but green used to be my favorite. Also, I am a redhead, so green would be the classic choice. But the purple would look hot with my pasty, hopefully non-sunburned skin. Since both are jewel tones, I think they would both look great, but I just can't decide! Also, both come with the little black bolero that the green one is shown with, so don't let influence your decision. Leave a comment/email/IM me with your vote!

PS: I literally just cheered because I spelled Mediterranean right on the first try. Booya!


Monkey Sri said...

Hmmmmmm ... difficult decision. Do you have a dress in either of these colors already?

Dori said...

I think the purple would look great!