Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This just in! Maggie not as geeky as previously thought!

I don't really make that much of an effort to hide my nerdom. But according to The Onion's A.V. Club, and their list of obsessions even geekier than Monty Python, I would say I come in somewhere around the middle.

I am well-acquainted with the tv-related geekdoms (no surprise), but can safely say that I have managed to avoid the nerd activities that spill into the real world. Just in case you were wondering here is how I rank on The Onion's guide to geekiness:


Star Trek

Battlestar Galactica (but only the new series, I have some standards)

Joss Whedon

The Simpsons

Doctor Who

Not Likes

Renaissance Faires

Fantasy Sports Leagues

Michael Jackson

Wikipedia (as a resource, yes, as a hobby, no)

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Media specific role-playing

Frank Zappa

Magic: The Gathering

World of Warcraft

Game-show trading



Live-action role playing

Second Life/Myspace/Facebook


As you can see, one list is clearly longer than the other. For the first time, I fall towards the normal side of the geek spectrum!

And the villagers rejoiced!

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