Thursday, February 07, 2008

Awesome Birthday Part I

I am officially 28. I know, weird, huh? The claim that I am in my "mid-twenties" is now completely laughable. Actually, it was completely laughable a year ago, but that's not gonna stop me.

My friends and family, once again, came through and helped me celebrate an awesome birthday. Things started off on Friday when Caroline and Joe took me to see U2-3D. Let me just say this. I love U2. I don't care how old Bono gets, dude is hot and can still bring it. And this movie was the most AMAZING film I have ever seen. First of all, digital picture and sound. Second, IMAX. Third, it's 3D, motherfucker!! Bono...right in front of you. I could reach out and tune The Edge's guitar. Ah-mazing. I'm going again with Moe, because seriously. I'll never be able to replicate this kind of viewing experience again.

Saturday it was party time! Selvi came up from Charlottesville and made the cutest cupcakes (they spelled out happy birthday!!) and the usual suspects got together. I have taken the liberty of posting pictures:

Best cupcakes of all time!

Me and Carly

The triumpharate! Kristin, Mags, and the Selvster. Don't mess with the pie hoes.

Moe and Brian. Awwww.

Anne and Me, redhead power!

Andy, Tony, Me, Anne, and Jim

You can cram a lot of people into my condo.

More pics to come!

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