Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two Week Round-Up

Two weeks ago (where does the time go?), I had hosted my housewarming and popped the cherry on my new condo. As some of you may remember, my holiday party last year was not without it’s drama, but I am happy to report that this year’s shindig was a rousing success! Although universes collided, there were no fatalities. I think the layout of my condo was much more conducive to mingling, and everywhere I went, I saw different groups of people chatting. Law school friends, high school friends, work peeps, and college buddies all interacted with one another. And no blood was spilled! Although Mike did knock over a cranberry Mike’s lemonade, but luckily Resolve carpet cleaner was there to save the day. If they ever asked, I would so do commercials for that stuff it is amazing.

Hehe’s wedding to Kevin was over a month ago, and I received a thank you card from her yesterday. I usually read my mail on the elevator ride up to my condo (since I only receive, on average, one piece of real mail a day), and I managed to make a complete fool of myself doing that mundane task. Here is the relevant text of the card: “Dear Maggie, Thank you so much for the beautiful reading you did at the wedding…thanks so much for your help picking out my dress, I received so many compliments on it…and thanks for the silicone bakeware you got for us. It is the shit. I have always wanted it!” So, there I am reading this card in a crowded elevator thinking “awww…this card is so sweet” and then I get to the “it is the shit” portion. And of course, I bust out laughing. It was just so….Hehe. And everyone in the elevator stares at me. As you do. Best thank you card, EVER.

They (and by they I meant he crack local weatherpeople) are predicting a severe thunderstorm for the DC metro area today. I find myself actually looking forward to it. I had the Riley clan over for dinner on Sunday and my ES (evil stepmother) asked me if I had seen any lightning yet out the wall of windows in the condo. I had to tell her no, but it really got me thinking about how cool that would be. Since I can pretty much see all of Alexandria from my view, I am thinking a good storm could be a really neat sight. As long as my building doesn’t get struck by lightning, even thought it’s the tallest thing around for miles…..oh, crap.

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