Friday, March 19, 2010


There are a couple things that happen in life and you just KNOW something bad is coming. Example: the phone rings VERY late at night. This is not often accompanied by good news. Example: an email from your boss saying, "please come by and see me." Chances are he or she is not going to tell you won some kind of special super secret award based on excellent performance.

And another example: a long rectangular piece of paper stuck on your windshield. This usually means one of two things: you either got some kind of ticket from the fuzz, or someone bashed into your car but was "nice" enough to leave a note.

Oh, yeah. You're fucked.

So when I approached my car last night and saw just such a piece of paper attached to my car, I experienced the old "heart jumped into my throat" cliche. Your pulse speeds up, your mouth goes dry, you get a sense a hint of hysteria, and all of a sudden a million thoughts spring into your mind.

"How could I get a parking ticket in a Metro garage? I didn't park in a reserved spot did I? What about a handicapped spot? Oh, god, someone must have hit my car and left a note. Where did they get me? Is there any damage? Did they just open their door into my door and scratch it? Maybe it's all on the other side? It definitely looks like a hand-written note on lined paper. Oh, god, please let me be able to drive the car home."

And then, as I drew closer, I noticed the handwriting looked kind of familiar. I took a deep breath, grabbed the note and read:

"Marg, what are you doing at Huntington? I walked by and saw your car, wish I saw you. Love you!" --Mom @ 5 pm"

My Mom had seen my car and left me a note. Awwww. Also: THANK THE LORD. Crisis averted.

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