Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not. Good.


Is never good.

This is what happens when I plug a USB device into my computer. After ruling out any problems with my Ipod, Itunes, or other devices, looks like the fix shouldn't be too difficult--just uninstalling and reinstalling the USB drivers.

But still. Sometimes I think I must be like Jubilee from X-Men, able to destroy any electronic device with just a touch.

UPDATE: the problem seems to be more serious than originally thought. The computer has been passed off to my Stepmom for her expert computer-repair skills. Keep your fingers crossed for me kinds--it's not looking good.



Monkey Sri said...

What the hell! This is your new computer, correct? Is it still under warranty?

Maggie Cats said...

It is under warranty; near we can tell, the computer received an automatic update from Sony that reacted badly with the USB drives and caused it to freak out. My Stepmom has almost solved the problem...