Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Mystery Solved

In case there was any doubt as to where my smart mouth came from, I figured I would dispel the myths.

It's from my Grandmother.

Long suspected, but now finally proven, turns out my Grandmother is quite the smart ass. Today is her 89th birthday (!!!) and she regaled us all at dinner with tales of her sassing religious people who come to her door: Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, nobody is immune from her sarcasm.

Basically all the conversations start out with her informing religious solicitors (even before they can start their spiel) that she been a practicing and believing Catholic for X number of years so don't even try it. And when they respond, "will you talk to me?" she says "sure," and then basically serves them a big can of midwestern sass.


First, I hope that I manage to live as long and be as healthy as her, and two, I hope that I can be a spit-fire like her. Not only is she my namesake, but she's also now my official smart-alek guru.

She may look all sweet and innocent, but see what happens if you try to call her Peggy. And you don't want to know what she says to telemarketers.

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