Monday, June 22, 2009

As I get older...

... it is becoming more obvious that one of my eyes is larger than the other. is getting harder to convince myself that my left hip stiffness is from sitting too long and is not arthritis.

....I realize that my missing the brain to mouth filter is no longer cute. It's just sad.

....I treasure my weekend nights when I can stay home and do nothing. becomes harder to watch all your friends get happily married.

....I love how I can get shit done and have left the spazz Maggie back in high school.

....I have come to the conclusion that being an adult is actually pretty freakin awesome.

....I have really come to appreciate all the many joys of owning a home I love and living alone. is clear that choosing to live near my family was the right decision.

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Monkey Sri said...

Hmmm, introspective-y. What brought this on?