Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On the road again...and then home.

You might have noticed the lack of blog posts for a week. But if you didn't, guess what? There weren't any blog posts for a week!

That's because I was down in St. Petersburg, Florida for work. As an attorney for the Board of Appeals for the Department of Veterans Affairs, I travel with judges several times a year to regional offices all over the country to help conduct hearings in connection with veteran's claims for benefits. While this means that I usually spend all day in a room flipping through cases and briefing them for the judges, it also means I get to stay in nice hotels, get a per diem for food, and maybe decide to stay a couple days late to enjoy the area.

In this case, I was travelling with my friend Chris, whom I went to college with, and we stayed a weekend late to enjoy the sun and surf. Laying on the beach (and by the pool) was fun, but it also meant that I came back with a sunburned back. Which frankly, feels a little weird when you are all bundled up and running errands on a chilly November day in Virginia and your bra strap keeps digging into your sunburn. Stupid pale skin.

So now I'm back, and I've been going nonstop since my return with the errand running and trying to get things done. And looking ahead in the planner things are only going to get busier, what with an upcoming wedding, baby shower, family in town for Thanksgiving, birthday celebrations, and the usual crapola that fills people's time. Sigh. It's my own fault for over-booking myself, and the end of the year is crazy for everyone....but still, I'm worried that if I don't slow myself down I'm going to get sick and then not be able to do anything.

But don't worry, dear readers, I won't let a busy schedule prevent me from continuing to post pictures from my trip. It's taking longer to get through them all then I originally intended, but we are nearing the end (kinda). So hang in there and amuse yourself by eating some left over Halloween candy. After all, if God didn't want us to eat it, he wouldn't make it so delicious.

Annnnnnnd now my sunburn has reached the itchy stage. Dammit.

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