Monday, January 07, 2008

I just found out my Aunt and Uncle on my mom's side are conservatives. I found this surprising because 1) they are Jewish, and 2) they always seemed like such nice people. Just kidding. But not really. Anyway, it basically came out that they vote conservative based on economic policy. And I vote liberal based on social policy. So we came to an impasse where we had to just basically respect each other's differing priorities and points of view. I hate that.

But seriously, voting purely based on your pocketbook has always seemed kind of...selfish to me. And I know that's unfair. I'm just not willing to give up some basic liberties so I can save a couple bucks on taxes. The fact that I am also a single woman only responsible for supporting myself has, I am sure, a lot to do with that. I have the luxury of principles. But I just can't ever see myself voting Republican.

I am trying really hard to not let this color how I see my Aunt and Uncle, but still, Fred Thompson, Uncle Dave? Really?

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