Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Things That I Hate

1) Gateway

You have probably noticed the lack of updates lately. Or maybe not since only about 3 people read this blog. In an event, the reason for the lack of updating is because once again I am having computer troubles. Some of you are aware of my power cord issues, specifically, that I have gone through three of them in as many months. Finally, after having my computer once again run down and not reboot because of the whole “no power from the power cord” thing, I came to the conclusion that it’s probably not the power cord and is more likely a problem with the computer itself. So I took it to the evil people at Best Buy (also known as the Geek Squad) and they promptly shipped it off to Gateway for repairs. The dude who worked at the counter told me it was probably a short circuit on the motherboard. I just hope that they don’t have to wipe the memory (AGAIN) since it is such a pain in the butt getting all my music back into Itunes from my Ipod. Stupid computers.

2) La-Z-Boy

The next drama to present itself is the arm chair. When I originally ordered it from the store in AUGUST 2006 I asked for the dark stain on the arms and legs. Of course they deliver it with the light wood stain. After too many phone calls to count and multiple bouts of speaking to the manager, they order new arms and switch them out. One small problem: they forgot to order the legs. So then I had mismatched wood on the chair. Finally, finally, on Saturday the new legs arrived and the technician put them on. So after a six month ordeal, my chair is finally how I always envisioned it. While I like La-z-boy’s furniture, seriously, do not shop there. At least not at the Alexandria Kingstowne store.

3) Being sick

I was just telling my Dad (who it seems is chronically sick), that I have been fortunate to not have been ill in about two years. So of course I immediately wake up with a horrible sore throat. I then endured 7 days of what was probably the worst cold of my adult life. And the weird thing was that it kept mutating! After three days of a severe sore throat and constant post-nasal drip (which makes you do that weird compulsive swallowing thing at night), I then got the cough and the phlegm in the lungs. And then came the head cold with the congestion and the sinus pain. But thankfully by Saturday afternoon the thing had run its course and I started to feel better, just in time for my birthday! Which I will post about tomorrow. I’m trying to limit my at-work blogging, for obvious reasons.

Currently Reading: Dance of Death by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston

Currently Watching: The Beatles Anthology. It almost makes me wish I was a child of the 60s. Almost.

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