Monday, July 10, 2006

The Hell?

Last week, Caroline, Moe, and I headed out to the wilds of Manassas to see Kelly Clarkson at Nissan Pavillion. And I am ok admitting that to you, Kelly Clarkson rocks out and has (I think) managed to earn enough street cred to escape her American Idol beginnings. But the point of this post is not to discuss Kelly.

The point is to comment on the latest shoe trend: the croc. Let me just say, I cannot think of an uglier shoe. I would rather see Sienna Miller scampering about in a denim mini, leggings, and Ugg boots than have to see another 14 year old or soccer mom running around in crocs. Crocs not infiltrated your corner of suburbia yet? Not to worry, they will soon. Gaze upon the hideousness:

And the orange is not even the worst color I have seen. The lime green (the most popular color in DC) is what really frightens me. Now, my biggest problem with these shoes is not that they are ugly. And they are. But it's that people who buy them go on and on about how comfortable they are, but let's be honest folks. The things are made from plastic. And you can put however many little cut-outs along the side as you want, you are still sticking your foot into a plastic cave where it will live and sweat all day. Meaning your shoes and your feet are going to be N-A-S-T-Y.

Feet need to breathe! Feet need air! Especially in the DC swamp in the summer! Save your feet, do not give in to the temptation to buy ugly plastic shoes that make your feet sweat and were probably assembled my orphan children in Korea!


For more information, visit the shoe blog run by The Manolo. He is all knowing.

Currently Wearing: Brown thong sandels by Kenneth Cole. No crocs for me, bitches!

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TheBec said...

Those goddamn things came from my stupid farking town. ( I used to take solace in the fact that the only feet they made smelly were on the yahoos in my town, as they didn't seem to be catching on everywhere else, at least not right away. I've had the following conversation with several of my out-of-town guests over the last few years:
"Do you see those silly plastic shoes everyone is wearing?"
"Are people wearing those back east?"
"God no!"
"Oh praise Jesus!"
So, I am very saddened to hear that the good people of D.C. have been seduced by the dark side of footwear. Wee, let's spend $30 on four cents worth of plastic that will make our feet super manky. They were even all over Canada when I was just up there (only there they call them "Gators", as if they're fooling anyone). I think I'm the only person in all of Boulder that refuses to buy any.

Hi, by the way. :-) Long time no talk/see/etc. I forget who gave me the link to your blog, but I am much amused, and I certainly couldn't let a rant about those goram crocs go unnoticed -- kudos to you for being against them! You are not alone!!