Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yard sale 2012

Ah, summer. The days are longer and hotter and hotter.

I guess I like much as I can like a season that turns my hair into a gnarly frizzball, makes sweat pour out of my glands as soon as I step out the door, and makes me turn as red as a cherry tomato unless I slather every inch of exposed skin in sunscreen.

Summers were a lot more fun when I was a kid; when the days were filled with alternating trips to the library and the pool and I could stay up until 3 in the morning reading or hanging with my friends. Oh, and there were slurpees! Now summer means having to slog six blocks from the metro station to the work in oppressive humidity and trying desperately to fall asleep in a stifling bedroom when the air conditioning goes out.

But there is one thing about summer that I really love and that's the annual Riley family yard sale! Since my grandmother passed away a few years ago, my Aunt has done an amazing job on working to clear out their house, which let's be honest, was pretty much stuffed to the gills. That means that there is plenty of stuff to put in a yard sale every year, and when we get the rest of our family and friends in on the action we are talking about a truly epically sized sale.

This was our second year of the sale, and it was even bigger than last year! We had the same large cast of helpers, but I think we had even more people come out and even more stuff got moved. The people tend to come in waves, and I was of course still shocked about the cheapness of people (no you cannot have that $500 armchair for $20 you FOOL). Of course the haggling and meeting new people--especially the cute guy who moved across the street from my Aunt--is fun, but the best part is hanging with your friends and watching all your old crap move out the door.

And I didn't get sunburned. VICTORY. 

 Now all we need our customers.

Ah, there they are!

 The yard sale helpers relax in the shade!

 Me and Selvi

 Mark your calendars for the first weekend of June 2013--the third annual Riley family yard sale!

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