Monday, February 06, 2012


We interrupt your regularly scheduled Costa Rican vacation coverage (which I swear I am going to get back to soon) to bring you this important news update:


I know, shocking right? How did this happen? I guess 32 years went by when I wasn't looking.

There's only one way to celebrate such a momentous occasion. PARTY BUS, MOTHERFUCKERS!

That's right! This past Saturday night we loaded up a Kegbus (delightfully tacky) with 20 or so peeps and hit the mean streets of DC. The bus came complete with a sound system, cooler and sink, and dance poles--though the company dubbed them "safety poles." HA, yeah right.

Selvi had the brilliant idea of making a scavenger hunt for us, and our first stops were by the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial. We took some fun pictures and enjoyed some beautiful scenery before we made some more stops at a pub and Ben's Chili Bowl. By that point, the scavenger hunt had kind of broken down, so we just spent the rest of the night driving around downtown and dancing on the bus. As God intended.

I can't remember having a funner time; what could be better than rocking out with your best friends to Lady Gaga, having people lick alcoholic whip cream off you all night (seriously), and watching your friends rock the "safety pole." Special shout out to Carly and Mike for their sweet pole moves. Not a euphemism.

But a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

 On the bus and ready for action!

 On the outside it looks like a regular school bus, but don't be fooled....

There might be another job in Mike's future...

 Someone really liked that whip cream...

Dancing and hanging on for dear life! 

The danger made it all worth it.

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