Monday, January 09, 2012

New Year, Clean Slate

And here we are! 2012, baby. A new year, a clean slate, and 12 months spread before of us devoid of mistakes, embarrassments, and drama.

Not that it will last, but hey, we should enjoy it while it's here, right?

But before I focus too much on the future, there's still a lot of the past to cover. Lots of things happened in December, but as usual there didn't seem to be time enough to post about it.

Ok, so that's a lie. I had some time, I just didn't feel like it. Writing is like a lot of things; practice makes perfect and you need to make it part of the routine. Once you let it fall by the wayside it's harder to pick it up again. But like I said, it's a new year so time to get back on the horse!

So let's see, what happened in December? There was the holidays of course.

I would say that they went well. It was a quiet holiday since Bill and Amanda stayed out in California (totally understandable since JP was less than 4 weeks old). But it made for a smaller number of people at the Christmas dinner table. Thanks to modern technology, we were able to Skype with them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning, and I got to see JP in the flesh (well, the video). It was also a quiet New Years; Selvi had a party over at her place where we played lots of Rock Band, drank lots of Rum Punch and generally enjoyed the good company. It was quite different from last year's hotel gala, but just as fun (if not more so).

Earlier in the month, I had hosted my first of what I hope will be an annual Cookie Swap. Over 20 people participated and we swapped over two dozen types of cookies and recipes. The tables were overflowing with cookies, and frankly, that's what the holidays are all about, right? SUGAR.

And of course, I had my first trip to an all-inclusive resort when I traveled with six others to Jamaica! We stayed at a Breeze's resort in Montego Bay and let me just say. It was FABULOUS. The all-inclusive thing is wonderful; all you can eat, all you can drink, water sports, pools, the beach blah blah blah. But the best part is you don't have to worry about carrying an entire day's worth of stuff with you or any money. All you need is your room key, and if you need something else you can always pop back up to the room for it.

I only left the resort once (to go for a carriage ride ooh la la) and I didn't feel any loss from it all. What else do you need other than sunshine and a wide open beach? It was quite nice to have a relaxing vacation--not that the other ones I've had aren't amazing, but just lying around all day certainly has its perks.

Another day in paradise....

On the boat, headed to snorkeling!
Group dinner at the Japanese steakhouse.

Coming up next: what does January hold?

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