Monday, December 08, 2008

Season of Forgiveness

Despite it's clear tendency towards evilness, as this is the season of forgiveness, I'm willing to give Starbucks a pass for this month. Why? Because of their peppermint hot chocolate which might be the most awesome thing in the entire world.

You were there when I needed you, Starbucks. On a 23 degree Monday morning, you warmed me from the inside out, and gave me the taste of a melted thin mint on my tongue. You woke me up, and made the day seem a little more bearable.

So, thanks, Starbucks. And you should really enjoy this moment since it's the only time my thanking you is ever going to happen. I look forward to the new year when I can go back to trash-talking you as a yuppie mecca because it makes me seem cooler and more anti-establishment. Yay!

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