Friday, June 02, 2006

It's the end of the world as we know it

Here is a gmail chat conversation between me and Caroline, based upon viewing the following pictures of KEVIN FEDERLINE. Yes, the handsome (guh!) man shown below is none other than K-FED! Go here if you don't believe me.

me: I just...I don't...

Caroline: ..._dude_.


Caroline: he looks like aston kutcher. dude.

me: I need a sweater, cleraly hell has FROZEN THE FUCK OVER
he looks like the dude from American Pie!

Caroline: i ... can't ...

me: I mean
WTF, Caroline, WTF

Caroline: it's a sign of the armageddon

me: hide your babies and your beadwork!

Caroline: we must buy canned goods with a quickness

me: don't forget the can opener
that is key

Caroline: indeed.
and wineglasses
so we can toast to the end of time

me: and we need extra pairs of glasses so we don't end up like that guy who played the Joker in the old batman series who was in that twilight zone episode
you know, the one who was in the bank vault when the nuke hit and all he wanted to do was read and then he broke his glasses
oh, the irony!

Caroline: HAHAHA

me: so....
what are the chances this will be a permanent change?
I would say slim to none

Caroline: oh, i betcha the goatee's already back.
i mean, those clothes were totally loaners for the photo shoot

me: and the socks with flip-flops look

Caroline: b/c that's hella sexy
the camel-actual-toe

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